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As an established group of trusted local newspapers since 2007 (visit us at theexaminernews.com) Examiner Media’s roots and connections run long and deep. We’ve tapped into those local connections and expertise for Examiner+ to complement our award-winning print and online community newspaper coverage.

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Examiner+ offers in-depth, long-form reporting and insightful commentary on critical newsworthy subjects, along with engaging lifestyle articles and valuable service pieces. Our content is aimed at helping you make informed choices on how to spend your precious time and money living your most intelligent local life here in the county we call home.

With its well-curated variety of stories, Examiner+ helps augment our print and website coverage.

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Examiner+ is a subscription-based email newsletter delivered in sections directly to your email inbox throughout the work week and on Saturdays with a special weekend edition that comprises that week’s entire issue along with additional content. Everything is also published on our Examiner+ newsletter website, www.examiner-plus.com, while select pieces are only partially excerpted for non-subscribers on our newspaper website, www.theexaminernews.com.

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Unlike other media, our primary customers are our readers, ensuring that we’re delivering value to you. We work for our readers here in Westchester, Putnam, and the surrounding Hudson Valley — not for faraway corporate bosses.

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Examiner Media staff taking some time out to celebrate at our anniversary party. We’ve been serving our communities throughout Westchester, Putnam, and the Hudson Valley since 2007.

Our mission

To spare you the information overload, cut through the noise, and be a digital digest of carefully chosen stories that inform, enlighten, and entertain. No fluff. No pop-up ads. No time-wasting. (We promise!)

Our values

  • Our focus is on publishing a well-curated digest of timely, informative, enlightening news stories, features, service pieces, and commentary that affect people living in Westchester County and the surrounding Hudson Valley area.

  • We strive for fairness and accuracy and will correct all known errors.

  • The content reflects the independent editorial judgment of Examiner Media.


Examiner journalists were awarded for their news reporting, column writing and feature storytelling in 2022 from the New York Press Association: https://www.theexaminernews.com/examiner-journalists-win-six-honors-at-press-association-awards/

Examiner Media’s journalistic principles and embrace of industry best practices are chronicled on the following page from our newspaper website: https://www.theexaminernews.com/best-practices/ 

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